The Digital Marketing Download 20:1

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This book is a download of all things Digital. After all, Digital Marketing is Complicated.


This book is a download of all things Digital. After all, Digital Marketing is Complicated. With a never-ending list of activities you should be doing – how do digital marketing professionals cut through the noise and run digital to make a profit? This is the straight talk to give marketing professionals, agencies, and businesses the insights on how to make it work. It’s not sexy or rocket science – but there is a direct line to achieving success, you just need to find it and get on it.

This book explores the key digital foundations that truly matter, from digital ownership and assets, to audience and buying cycle, strategy and planning, budget weighting, competition analysis, tracking setup and benchmarking, Google Ads, SEO, social, programmatic, remarketing, social, content and ultimately performance optimisation. “Too many times I have seen people lose their money, businesses, mojo or faith from bad decisions, lack of foresight and planning, poor budget management and working with the wrong people and taking the wrong advice. There is so much to know – so much is obvious – but so often people are moving way too fast or in too many directions and lose sight of what is really important to keep a business digitally viable.” Sue Blatchford

20 years at PayPerClick Digital Marketing Agency Sydney. Experienced digital marketing strategist, campaign manager, SEO specialist and digital performance director. Sue has been working with technology-based solutions since 1992 with a background in graphic design, training book author, e-learning courseware developer and trainer, content strategist and digital producer. Throughout her career Sue has worked with major Australian and International companies.